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    Steffi says:

    A mi encantan los ceviches spmcealeinte el de camaron pero yo he aprendido a poner cerveza y queda muy rico. Vivo en la Florida y el camaron no es tan sabroso como el d mi pais, tambien le aumento aji. Gracias.

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    before, when Katrina hit and 9/11 devastated our country, no one who helped others asked what party they belonged to.I truly want to believe that any people who hear the selfish and bitter comments from the uncaring right, will think again about voting for them.

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    · I can’t tell you how refreshing posts like this are, or how much I sympathize with your frustration with busyness. As I get older and try to make sense of daily life, I’m trying (and failing) to remember: everything is not a rush. Hope you find some minutes (hours!) to slow down and think. And write. In the meantime, rest in the fact that these words are just as lovely and rhythmic as always.

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    I live in Denver–everyone here dresses very casual, but I am a different genre and love to dress up–just cannot do it quite like these gorgeous women unless I visit New York. What an inspiring blog.Let us know about your book!!

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    As being undecided on any given number of things can be a rather untenable and unworkable position, I do not object to your classifying me as “decided.” I confess, I had noticed that you did not explicitly state which way your vote would go; however, I assumed….that was my mistake. Thanks for including me in the discussion on this post!

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    If people can behave themselves in the proper and respectful manner like they do at Gunnison, then I think it’s a good idea. Otherwise they might as well just drive to Sandy Hook and not worry about the “Gawkers” as much. Asbury Park and Gunnison Beach are about 30 minutes apart and Gunnison Beach is a more respectful, relaxed, and more fun place.

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    “Yes it seems I've been in your head quite a bit lately. And I can't believewhat I've been seeing there, either.”–>  Gadflies.  Tee hee.And yes, Clarence is often disturbing. Especially when he tries to — well, never mind.  ;D

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    I enjoyed the book a lot too. I rooted for the good guys and hissed the bad guys, basically. (Although the characterization isn't necessarily always as shallow as that makes it sound.)Writing from the POV of someone very different from you is always a challenge, I suppose, and when a member of an oppressor class is writing about members of an oppressed class, it's especially dicey. But The Help does a reasonably good job of it. (Although I guess the real question is whether it should have been done at all.)Anyway, Coming of Age in Mississippi does sound really interesting. I hope my library has a copy.

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